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Genelec 9320A

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Monitor controller

The 9320A is a monitoring controller offered by the Genelec brand.

Only with the GLM5.0

The Strengths of the 9320A

  • Intelligent monitoring device designed to serve as a hub for integrating key monitoring technologies, namely speaker-based monitoring and headphone-based monitoring.
  • The 9320A is compact, confidently placed on a desk or on top of a mixing console, while offering excellent mobility and essential connectivity for use in various improvised environments.

Key Features of the 9320A

Genelec 9320a - Monitor controller - Variation 3

Touchscreen Control from Stereo to Multichannel

The 9320A allows control of speaker setups using GLM network management. Alternative monitoring systems are easily accessible and alignable. The 9320A supports integration with any DAW system and audio interface for an unlimited number of channels, as well as direct connections of monitors to the 9320A unit. Intelligent button for seamless source switching to headphones.

Genelec 9320a - Monitor controller - Variation 4

AES/UER Connectivity for the Purest Stereo Signal Path

The 9320A outputs support both line level output in 'SAM' mode and adjusted line output. Both modes are available on balanced analog outputs and AES output. Finally, it is also possible to use the 9320A as a high-quality converter from analog inputs to AES output and from AES.

Genelec 9320a - Monitor controller - Variation 5

High-Quality Headphone Output

The headphone output can handle headphone impedance from 16 to 600 ohms with excellent linearity (THD+N less than –110 dB) and dynamic range (126 dB), providing a maximum RMS output voltage of 6 volts.

Genelec 9320a - Monitor controller - Variation 6

Safe Listening

Support for auditory health during monitoring work.

Our Experts' Reviews

  • The build quality is robust, and the button layout is ergonomic, facilitating quick adjustments during recording sessions.
  • The precision and clarity of the sound obtained with this controller are unmatched. An excellent investment for any music production studio.
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Technisch papier

  • Included with:
    • GENELEC SAMTM 9320A Reference Controller
    • USB Type C to Type C Cable (length 2 m)
    • Factory Calibrated Genelec Measurement Microphone
    • Microphone Stand
  • Detail:
    • Requires GLM version 5 or later.
  • Weight and Dimensions:
    • (HPL): 60 x 190 x 139 mm
    • 0.9 Kg


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