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Arturia MicroFreak Stellar

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The Microfreak Stellar in Limited Edition features new sound engines. It is offered by the brand Arturia.

Key Features of the Microfreak Stellar

  • The Microfreak Stellar provides a unique sound experience with its new sound engines, pushing the boundaries of musical creativity. Discover unheard-of sounds and experiment with textures never heard before.
  • Unleash your creativity by importing your own samples into the Microfreak Stellar. With this feature, you can customize your sounds daily and create unique patches that reflect your musical style.
  • Explore new sonic dimensions with the three granular-based engines of this instrument. These engines offer a variety of sound manipulation options, allowing you to create rich and complex soundscapes.
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Key Features of the Microfreak Stellar

Arturia Microfreak Stellar - Synthesizer - Variation 1

Modulation Matrix

Experiment with sonic complexity using the modulation matrix of this synthesizer. With up to 7 simultaneous destinations and 5 sources, you can create rich and dynamic sound variations that evolve over time.

Arturia Microfreak Stellar - Synthesizer - Variation 2

Sequencer and Randomization

Unleash your creativity with the sequencer and Spice & Dice randomization feature of the Microfreak Stellar. Create unique melodies, patterns, and rhythmic schemes on the fly, and discover new musical ideas with each use.

Expert Reviews on the Microfreak Stellar

  • A remarkable sonic innovation that opens up new creative possibilities.
  • This product is a harmonious integration of advanced features and user-friendly interface.
  • A design and keyboard that will leave no one indifferent.
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Technisch papier

  • Aantal toetsen Minder dan 49 toetsen
  • Soort synthesizer Digitale modellering
  • Toetsensoort Lichte toetsen
  • Accessories included
    • Main power supply
  • Display
    • OLED
  • Aftertouch
    • Yes
  • Arpeggiator
    • Yes
  • Category
    • Hybrid synth
  • Dimensions (mm)
    • 311 x 233 x 55
  • Sampler
    • Yes
  • Inputs
    • Midi, Audio in, Sync In, USB Midi
  • Envelope
    • ADSR
  • Filters
    • Multi-mode filter
  • Key format
    • Flat keyboard
  • Sound generator
    • Multi-engine
  • LFO
    • 1
  • Number of presets
    • 300
  • Number of keys
    • 25
  • Weight (kg)
    • 1.02 kg
  • Max polyphony
    • 1
  • Sequencer
    • Yes
  • Outputs
    • Midi, Headphone, Stereo Jack, USB/Midi, CV Gate: pitch, gate, mod, Sync out
  • Touch
    • Dynamic with polyphonic aftertouch
  • Transpose
    • Yes
  • Backup type
    • USB to device
  • Synthesis type
    • Hybrid
  • Additional specifications
    • Analog SEM-type filter
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