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Rcf ART 945-A

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Actieve luidspreker

The ART 945-A is a speaker offered by the RCF brand.

The ART 945-A has been masterfully designed to deliver exceptional audio performance and great versatility for intensive audio applications. It uses neodymium magnet speakers – a 4" titanium dome compression driver and a 15" woofer –, a 2100 W two-channel amplifier, and a True Resistive Waveguide constant directivity horn, ensuring consistent 100° x 60° coverage for distortion-free sound reaching 135 dB SPL. With RCF's exclusive FiRPHASE and Bass Motion Control (BMC) DSP treatments, speaker behavior is precisely optimized on each model for absolute clarity and deep, powerful bass on the audience side. The elegantly designed cabinet uses a specific polypropylene composite with an M-brace internal reinforcement. Easy to transport, it can be pole-mounted, wall-mounted, suspended, or rigged thanks to the numerous provided attachment points.

The Key Features of the ART 945-A

  • RCF speakers are designed using advanced patented FiR filtering technology, developed to provide listeners with transparent sound, absolute precision, and impeccable stereo imaging. FiRPHASE special filters achieve consistent sound distribution for all listeners without phase distortion, ensuring minimal system latency.
  • To extend bass response and improve performance, RCF engineers have found a way to eliminate the high-pass filter, replacing it with an innovative approach. Enter BMC (Bass Motion Control), a new advanced treatment for managing the excursion of the woofer. Speakers equipped with BMC treatment can handle the lowest audible frequencies without affecting the stability of the woofer, with extended linearity and more faithful rendering.

The Key Functionalities of the ART 945-A

Power in Motion

The most powerful amplifier in its class. RCF's improvements to its speakers make them stronger and more powerful, and the amplifier naturally accompanies this evolution. With 2100 W, the Class D 2-channel amplifier of the ART 9 is 50% more powerful than previous models, capable of handling extreme acoustic pressure levels with ultra-fast attack, realistic transient response, and very low heat generation. Thanks to its energy efficiency, the NX 9 Series doesn’t require ventilation. The amplifier is heat-sinked to an entirely aluminum heat exchanger at the back of the cabinet, with no moving parts. Structurally fixed to the internal frame, the amplifier is firmly and securely held in the cabinet. The new input circuit ensures low distortion, and an advanced limiter preserves the naturalness of the input signal, regardless of its level. All amplifiers in the ART 9 Series are designed according to the EN62368-1 standard for maximum safety, and their switch-mode power supply combines high efficiency with minimal weight.

New M-bracing Cabinet Design

The professional appearance of the ART 9 Series cabinet is ideal for live events or fixed installation applications. The elegantly designed cabinet uses a specific polypropylene composite, combined with a radically new construction concept. The robust steel grille protects the speakers and bass reflex ports. The specially designed M-brace reinforcement connects the four interior sides of the cabinet with the amplifier, preventing any deformation. This results in a completely inert volume, with increased acoustic damping even at maximum volume. It also provides greater resistance to external mechanical stresses.

New Electroacoustic Paradigms

The innovative design of the ART 9 Series lies in the speaker cabinet. The new True Resistive Waveguide is the result of several refinements to the speaker and bass reflex port design using finite element analysis and extensive testing in RCF's anechoic chambers. With FiRPHASE technology, the new shape and location of the ports, the speaker now acts as an ideal point source for perfect sound imaging. Acoustically, the TRW waveguide emulates a pure resistive load without resonance, reducing distortion in the high frequencies of a classic horn. With its asymmetrical design, the waveguide's opening angle offers constant directivity across the entire listening area and improved stereo imaging.

Legendary Speakers

The ND840 pure titanium dome compression driver with a 3" voice coil allows for a crossover frequency of just 800 Hz. This results in better impulse response, better damping, and superior efficiency. Lightweight and powerful, RCF neodymium magnet drivers are a benchmark in terms of performance and reliability. The woofer is a powerful 12" model, with a 2.5" voice coil. It produces dry and punchy bass. The reproduction of the mid-bass is precise, transparent, and distortion-free.

Ready for Intensive Applications

The entertainment industry, always at the forefront of innovation, is constantly evolving and accompanied by an increasing demand for connectivity. Waterproof connectors are particularly sought after for intensive and harsh environment applications in entertainment equipment. The ART 945-A features True Outdoor Protection (TOP) and PowerCON TRUE1 power connectors. These sealed and reinforced connectors not only offer IP protection but also UV resistance compliant with UL50E standard.

Expert Reviews

  • The RCF ART 945-A speaker represents a long-term cost-effective investment. Its durability, exceptional sound quality, and versatility make it a wise choice for any audio professional looking for reliable and high-performing equipment.
  • Its elegant and compact design fits perfectly into any environment, whether in a professional recording studio or a home living room. Furthermore, its compact size does not compromise its power and exceptional sound quality.
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Technisch papier

  • Kracht PA luidsprekers Boven 2001 watt RMS
  • Soort PA-luidspreker Stage en FOH monitor
  • Sound Pressure Level
    • Up to 135 dB
  • Bi-Amplification
    • Class D, total power 2100 W
  • Frequency Response
    • Linear 45-20000 Hz
  • Compression Driver
    • 4" neodymium magnet/titanium dome
  • Woofer
    • 15” neodymium magnet
  • Zero-Degree Phase Response Technology
    • FiRPHASE
  • Bass Motion Control
    • Speaker excursion management
  • Dimensions and Weight
      • Height: 717 mm / 28.23 inches
      • Width: 415 mm / 16.34 inches
      • Depth: 410 mm / 16.14 inches
      • Weight: 2.4 kg / 49.38 lbs